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About our technologies

commercial renewable and energy saving for business.

the power of solar energy at your home.

Off Grid electric infrastructure systems.

wind and solar hydrogen & fuel cells.

Managing solar energy saving

biomass Solar power and hydrogen sciences.

eco psychology and installation of solar panels.

Research in saving power of science & technology.

Connections made easy to increase solar energy.


Solar Panels & Lighting

Solar world EA ltd has a wide array of Solar panels ranging form 5watts up to 300watts.We supply mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline solar panels.Common applications include lighting, cabins, solar power stations, pumps, power backup, and water pumping.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar hot water units give hot water continuously for some 20 –30 years.Electricity savings can be as high as 85% of your bills with recovery of your investment being very fast.

Power Backup

Power back-up systems provide uninterruptible power and security where we there is frequent outages from grid power.They are cost-effective,simple and easy to use.We install power backups for commercial and residential use.

Water Drilling

Water! Water! Water! Are you in need of water? Do you have unreliable water supply ? Have you got unreasonable cost proposal for drilling a borehole ? Whatever your needs are, we reckon that our affiliate company WATER RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL LTD will cost effectively assist you meet your needs.







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